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Pole Dancer Travel
with Jim and Mary Ellyn Weissman
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Dance Wicked For a Week
June 7th-14th, 2014 at Hedonism 2

*This week is open to male and female guests
however the workshops and show are limited to women only
 men with previous pole dance experience will be considered*

Pole Dance Workshops
are included in the price of your trip!

This event is to celebrate feminine sensuality.
While we recognize the health and fitness benefits of pole & all styles of dancing,
the intention of this event is to also celebrate our sexy side
and the power that is uniquely feminine.

No apologizing for being sexy.
No excuses about why we enjoy pole and exotic dance.
No hiding our desire to be sensual women.
We are strong and sexy and proud of it!


Daily Workshops!
(4 total based on number of full days booked from Sunday through Thursday*)

Various levels and styles will be offered in pole dancing

Open to all female guests of Pole Dancer Travel - regardless of experience or background
Male pole dancers are welcome by invitation only.
Contact us for more details at

Workshop schedules will be posted approximately 30 days prior to event
Choice of workshop schedules be taken based on date of booking with Castaways Travel -
first booked - first choice!

*You must be booked the night preceding and the night of the workshop date:
Ex: To be booked on Sunday you cannot arrive nor depart on Sunday
To receive 4 workshops you must arrive on Saturday and depart on Friday

Showcase Performance: for guests
Wednesday evening!

This is not a competition! This is open to all guests with any level of pole dancing experience!

Showcase Feature Performers and Workshop Instructors 2014:

June 7th through June 14th 2014

Charlee Wagner: National Aerial Pole Art Champion < click for bio

Somer Ahonen: Utah State Champion < click for bio

Torwa Joe: ATL Fiyastarta < bio coming soon

Leesi Ruskaup: Fab Pole < click for bio


November 1st through November 7th 2014

Karol Helms: Miss Sexy 2010 < click for bio

Michelle Mynx: Gravity Plays Favorites < click for bio

Torwa Joe: ATL Fiyastarta < bio coming soon

Hope Schmerfeld: Pole Zone & Aerial Fitness < click for bio

Becca Buck: Midwest Pole Comp Performer of the Year < click for bio

Gina Orrico: Intro to Pole Dancing Instructor < click for bio

more to come!

Guest Performances:

A limited number of guests will be welcome to sign up to perform in the showcase
along with our featured performers.
The option to perform will be given to those who reserve their trip first.
Should early bookings decline this offer, it will be passed to those next in line
based upon their booking dates.

*Skill level does not matter! Everyone is welcome to perform!

Pricing and booking your trip:

Bookings available exclusively through Castaways Travel
When you CALL 800-470-2020
Lock in current rates with a $200 deposit

Male pole dancers are welcome by invite only.
Contact us for more details at

More about Castaways Travel at:


Hedonism 2: Synopsis:

Hedonism 2 is an adult resort which has several areas divided into
1. Nude side: beach and pool requiring all visitors to be fully nude
2. Prude side: beach and pool requiring all visitors to dress wear swimsuits/swim trunks

Hedonism 2 is a "lifestyle" resort:

What does this mean? It doesn't mean you must be a "swinger" to stay here.
Hedonism in two words is about "tolerance" and "respect"
Everyone is invited to enjoy their vacation as they wish - to live as they choose.

It is one of the most accepting environments you will ever find.
People of all ages, builds, and cultural backgrounds enjoy Hedonism

It's very social - it's about meeting and getting to know people.
People smile - people say hello - people start up conversations just to be sociable

It's an adult summer camp all year long.

Daytime is casual and relaxed and evenings heat up with
dress themes and your sexiest most daring club wear -
Or remember - it's YOUR trip dress as you like.
Typical resort wear, shorts and tanks...anything goes.

To learn more details about Hedonism 2,
see the links on the right side of the page


*the number of workshops each female guest may attend
is not guaranteed and is limited to size and space

Get an instant online quote and/or book your trip here:
Castaways Travel



Hedo Information:

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